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From the history of our company.

We have been operating on the market since 1999, when our focus was on consulting in the production and use of technical hoses. Depending on the development of the domestic and foreign markets, there was a narrower specialization, especially in the production of industrial hoses. We gradually withdrew from the production of hobby products, which replaced products of a higher class and top quality.

We bring innovation.

Today we offer our customers a range of professional products with an emphasis on their technical quality and use:
- transport, suction of liquids, abrasives, sludges
- extraction, vacuum transport of air, vapors, dirt, condensates
- pressure transport of compressed air, dyes, etc.

Our products are used in industry, households and horticulture on the Czech and foreign markets.

We appreciate your interest and we are ready to provide you with enough open information, quality products and service at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is very important to us, which is a basic prerequisite for the development of mutual personal and business relationships

Our progress.

This is the progress we have made since we started working for you.

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